Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pre-Game Part 1

Jerry Manuel sat in his office with socks on his hands.

"It's working," he said to Warthen and Shines. Shines nodded.

"I never took you for the superstitious type, Jerry," said Warthen.

"Aren't," said Jerry. "Razor, did we get our latest coconut shipment in?"

"We have more cocos than you can imagine."

"I'm imagining a field," said Jerry, leaning back. "The thing is just covered in coconuts. I mean covered. I can't count them all, but gee it's probably in the thousands. Are you saying we have more than that, because that's how many I can imagine at one time."

Razor nodded.

"Dan, can you imagine more cocos than I just did?"

Warthen shook his head.

The door opened and Frenchy popped his head in. "Uh, boss- bosses I mean, do you still want us all waiting here in silence for you to come out? It's been eight minutes, which is a long time to wait in silence."

"Is it though?" asked Razor. To that Frenchy had no answer. So he closed the door and joined the rest of the players, not speaking, or doing anything. Just waiting.

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